Meet The Staff

Ashley D.
Insurance Coordinator
In 2019 I moved to North Carolina with my husband and daughter. I was born and raised in southern California. I have
worked in the dental field for 16 years! As much as I love dental, I have been working on my Masters in social work.
Outside of work I love reading, traveling, and spending time with my family!
Gia B.
Patient Coordinator
The Statue of Liberty is my girl! Yes, I’m from New York and I’ve worked in dentistry for over 25 years! Patients are my
priority and passion! Fun fact, I’m also a paralegal and notary. My hobbies are shopping, shopping, and shopping! I
can’t wait to brighten your day with my smile!
Elle M.
Dental Assistant II Lead
Here ye! Here ye! I am Elle the Elite of the Afton Endo Village. By day, I bring smiles to nervous patients and conquer
cavities. By night, I care for my dragon… er…son. Most of the battles I fight with him are won with snacks and toy
trucks! I have been a root canal warrior for two years. I was born in the deep winters of Syracuse, voyaged to the
Carolinas 14 years ago, and set up camp in the Queen City. When I have a break from battle, I enjoy writing & reading
by candle light. If you hear my yodel noise “okey-dokey artichokey”, please ignore me. I’m having too much fun at
Melissa T.
Dental Assistant II
Come one, come all! It is the Queen of Coffee and the lover of fall. I live in a tiny house with my four legged fur baby,
Macie. With the sand between my toes and the sound of waves crashing into each other, I find peace as well as my
happy place. I love spending time with my friends and family. Especially when we go on an adventure. I am a beast in
the kitchen. Baking and cooking is my name and throwing parties is my thang! I love to travel and try new things. Even
though I’m always down for an adventure, I love to have spa days!
Ashley R.
Dental Assistant I
You know what they say, blondes have more fun! My name is Ashley Annette Rivas. I was brought to you by the
beautiful island of Puerto Rico as well as the bustling city of Queens, New York. I’m a grandma for my love of books
and baking. I used to be a pediatric dental assistant but root canals stole my heart. Now, I’ve been facing the endo
world for one year and hopefully many more to come. So, have no fear! Your friendly neighborhood Spanish speaking
assistant is here to help! 
Katelyn Rios
Personal Relationship Director & Social Media Manager
Hola, queridos! I moved here in January of 2022 from Puerto Rico and have had an awesome time in North Carolina.
This is my first time working in dental, but that’s okay because I bring a lot of creativity to our team! I love interacting
with our referring offices and engaging with our social following. También te puedo ayudar en español. Outside of work
I love art, food, and dancing!